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Treatment Information

Everyone is individual and our way of working respects and honours this principle. When you come to us for help, we enter a partnership to work together to resolve your issues and to help you to achieve your personal goals, whether this is to improve your physical health; relieve stressful emotional or behavioural problems; or to advance personally and spiritually.

As you will notice from the testimonials, we are dedicated professionals who enjoy meeting and working with new clients and students.

Treatments may include Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, Painless Spinal Touch Therapy, Lomi Lomi, Theta Healing or Geneline Therapy. A combination of therapies may be used as we dip into our 'tool box'as appropriate. Clients often say that they look forward to visiting David or me in the warm, comfortable atmosphere of our home and treatment room.

Emotional intelligence is now recognised as a powerful force. The mind receives and processes information at a subconscious level. Without conscious awareness this information is missed. Over many years we have been trained in conventional therapies and also in the use of our intuitive gifts as these can provide valuable insights into the cause of your distress.

Professor Trisha Greenhalgh made a study of how intuition could be used by GP’s and other medics to help them to cure or diagnose patients. She is the director of the Healthcare Innovation and Policy Unit at Queen Mary, University of London. She has been awarded an OBE for her services to medicine. Dr Judith Orloff, psychiatrist and author, also promotes the use of intuition. Dr Vera Peiffer is a psychologist and author who says that intuition is a ‘kind of internal sat nav system that gets better with experience.’

One to three sessions are normally recommended, however, with more complex and deep-seated issues, it will be necessary to work over a longer period. Discounts are available for a block of four treatments. We pride ourselves in resolving your issues as soon as possible.

Please note that before coming to us to block pain, your condition should be checked by your medical doctor. Hypnotherapy will help to block the pain, but we suggest that you try some other techniques that have proved successful in relieving the pain naturally first.

David has demonstrated in public how a cricket injury of 20 years can be relieved in a 30 minutes, how the painful limitation of arm and shoulder movement of a lady with severe arthritis can be massively improved. Many clients and even their doctors have been surprised at the improvement of their conditions; a lady with ankalysing spondylitis, who had Reiki treatments and then learned it to use on herself, should be getting worse over time but her X-Rays show some improvement; a lady newly diagnosed with Diabetes changed her lifestyle and a few weeks later tests showed that it had gone; David has specialised in treating ME and several ladies are now delighted to be more energised.

Whatever your problem it is generally a symptom of some underlying stress or unresolved trauma. Please feel free to give us a ring and discuss. Concessions and discounts are available for bulk sessions.

Many talking treatments can be done over the phone. We can call you on a landline phone for treatments in the UK. Skype is available for internet based phone treatments. If you are in a time zone that is not GMT then please check the time zone difference when requesting a treatment. David's skype name is: davidalowe1, Wendy's skype name is: wendygwalker

We use Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Forms, (MYMOPs) so that our clients assess the affects of our therapy.

Please feel free to download this form and complete it before your first treatment:
Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile Pretreatment Form.

Please feel free to download this form and complete it after a treatment:
Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Treatment Assessment Form.

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